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Wednesday, October 05, 2022
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Project Page

At the Special Business meeting on Sunday, June 10th, the following teams were formed to move forward with the construction of a new building which will house the Hope Center and a multi-purpose center. 

Hope Center Team
Peggy Perry, Chairperson 
Alice Jesse 
Gerald Manley 
Amanda Wiley 
Jeanna Hawkins 
Ellen Berry 

Multipurpose Team 
Zac Shaw, Chairperson 
Jeff Radcliff 
Dan Poe 
Faith Wiley 
Amy Bailey 
Karen Johnston 
Carla Foster 

Construction Team 
Kyle Wiley, Chairperson 
Greg Bailey 
Mike Bailey, Treasurer 
Carol Hance 
Kathy Marion 
Buddy Johnston 

Capital Campaign Team 
Kyle Wiley, Chairperson 
Mike Bailey, Treasurer 
Brandon Watkins 
John Hawkins 
Chastity Tuggle 

The Hope Center Team and the Multipurpose Team will have until September 24th to gather information, go visit other facilities, and present a very detailed plan of their desires and wants to the Construction Team. 
The Construction team will take the recommendations from both the Hope Center Team and the Multipurpose Team, have some plans drawn up, and then sit down with both teams to work out any changes needed in the plans. 
After a consensus has been made, the Construction Team will present the final blueprint (final draft), cost, and location to the whole church for a vote. 
After approval from church membership, we will then begin a Capital Campaign to raise additional funds for the project. 
Once we reach our monetary goal, we will add two people from the Hope Center Team and two people from the Multipurpose Team to the Construction Team to help oversee the completion of the project.  One of those members from each team will be the chairperson from each team. 
I’m thinking we will have some plans no later than January – February 2019. Then we will get bids for the cost.  A vote on the project by the whole church would be around March – April 2019.  Then start construction.  Right now, we have $202,000 in the building fund for this new facility.  ($78,000 from the sale of the Bank building, $124,000 given by others already.)  
I will be asking the whole church to begin praying about this project. I ask that you ask God to give us wisdom to plan the now but also for the future. I ask that you ask God to continue to bless us as we continue to be His hands and feet. To help those in need by sharing with them the compassion of Christ. To share His word to the unchurched and to lead all people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
May this new facility be used to reach the lost for Christ. May it strengthen our community in love for one another and our Lord.   
Pastor Kyle