Bagdad Baptist Church
Wednesday, October 05, 2022
Love God. Love others. Serve the world.
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Giving Information

 There are three ways to give:
A. Mail your tithe to: Bagdad Baptist Church 5790 Elmburg Road Bagdad Ky, 40003. 
B.Txt2give: This how it works:  
1. Create a new contact in your phone (suggested name is txt2give) with the following phone number: 502-255-2114
2. Send a text to this number as follows:  Give ( and the amount you would like to give, no $$ sign)  example, Give 50 (for $50) then send
3. The service will then lead you through a series of questions:  which fund you want to give to, would you like to set up a recurring gift, etc.
4. Once these answers are given then it will give you a link and take you through the registration process.
5. Now that registration is complete you are good to go.  Just simply send a text to txt2give with the word Give and amount. 
C. You can also give through your personal banking online bill pay service. Simply fill out the information regarding your church and add them as one of the organizations you "pay" or in this case "give" to. This method does not cost the church any fees and it should not cost the giver any additional fees. You will have to check with your bank about the fees.